TE12000 Features Summary

Key features of the TE12000 Extractor.

This TE12000 Tamisium Extractor can hold 4 kilos of plant material and extract as fast as 5 minutes using a temperature range from as low or high as your supplied chiller heater can go, Common temperature range -40F to 120F.

  • With a non looping process such as used by Tamisium Extractors it is not required to use ultra cold temperatures to avoid lipids such as wax tar and other heavy viscous dark compounds. Lowering contact time to disable a solvents effectiveness is chosen over lowering temperatures however lower temperature extractions are not excluded.

    Using an adequate amount of solvent to perform a complete extraction allows you to send the appropriate amount of solvent through the plant material in one pass, as fast as you want, at any temperature with any combination of solvents. Recovering to loop it back through in the middle of an extraction process disables these controls.

  • Any range of plant volume can be used up to 4 kilos. Such as half column or less capacities. Any volume of solvent can be used but to perform a complete extraction 4 volumes of solvent are recommended to 1 volume of plant column space. It is possible to over fill the column to perform a high density extraction from finely ground material. 4 kilos is considered average density.


  • Co-solvents can be added to a list of primary solvents to target specific compounds based on polarity matching. Primary solvent choices are not limited to butane but butane is the lowest boiling point solvent you can choose that allows pump free safe sanitary recovery using distillation.

Any solvent with a higher boiling point than butane can be used and
recovered with the same distillation process.

  • Rapid Recovery of the solvent is therefore through distillation. The large diameter evaporator tanks provides ample recovery rates of 8-12 liters per hour set by the operator.

48 Liters of total solvent volume is used and 48 liters is what is required to perform a complete extraction from 12 liters of plant material.

If an inadequate amount of solvent is used it may be required to recover the solvent and loop it back through the plant material. This will add extreme contact time between your solvent and plant matter. Adding contact time extracts high levels of wax, tar, dark compounds and other heavy lipids found in plants. Added contact time requires ultra cold temperatures to counter the effects of the extended contact time.

By decreasing contact time and using mild cold temperatures you can increase yields and the array of compounds extracted while also decreasing overall production times. If in doubt be sure and watch the slideshow of all the products created with a tamisium extractor at the end of this video.

  • The entire extraction is performed in liquid phase.

    Liquid solvents extract exponentially faster with more control and efficiency than when vaporized into a gas. This is due to greater molecular density to form bonds and the ability of densely packed molecules to transfer heat and cold more efficiently. Liquid transfers cold and hot temperatures 20x more efficient than gas and carries uniform mixtures of solvents through plant material when performing multi polarity extractions.


  • The column filled with plant material is filled hydraulically from above using pressure in the solvent delivery tank. A 16” tank delivers 1000 pounds of force with as little as 5 psi pressure. Hydraulically filling prevents channeling and allows temperature inputs.


  • All relative pressures and vacuums are created by the solvent used. No pumps are necessary due to the well thought out Patented Tamisium Design and Process that’s integrated into all Tamisium Extractors.


The TE12000 can produce up to 200 grams of targeted extractions per hour of operation and the process can be fully automated. Recipes can be stored, saved and retrieved to share, sell or enhance the ability of any extractor operator or apparatus via a worldwide network of users. Preloaded data can allow immediate production upon delivery with no learning curve.

Optional Key elements of the user’s data can be selected and shared on the network such as Yields, Chemical identifiers, and analytical data while selected private data can be omitted and remain invisible to the viewers such as name, location, genus, species and key extraction data.

Tamisium Extractor Operators, wholesale purchasers and consumers can privately contact extraction owner operators based on their performance and ability via a worldwide network so that the end users of these medicinal compounds can gain access faster than ever before.

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