Here are some of the questions of current and future extractor owners. Please submit a question you need answered and feel free to check out the answers below and the Q&A.

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QUESTION; You should pressure test for free as a quality assurance guarantee

QUESTION; Why not just use lighter fuels? Are they not pure butane?

QUESTION; Why do you say that propane is added to disposable lighter fuels?

QUESTION; What is N-Butane different from lighter butane?

QUESTION; What about finishing the product.. i would like it to look like a dry paste

QUESTION; So this can work with co2 as well?

QUESTION; Rose Oil Extractions are possible? In past years I was a LP Gas plumber, I installed and delivered Propane gas to homes and schools.

QUESTION; How can you be so sure that your machine is safe?

QUESTION; Do you really get to re use the butane? and which one do you have specifically, please tell me more about it i use a home made

QUESTION; David, in the six ways to control an extract I believe I understand all except for polarity. Are you speaking of the physical alignment of the atoms?

QUESTION; Can you get wax out of it as your end product... Is there a way to agitate it during cure process Wax can be extracted from any plant with a non polar solvent.

QUESTION; Can I extract oils from anything? I'd better for this price..... How did you come up with the price?

QUESTION; Aside from the heating jackets, do you also think you will be able to start stocking the other pending accessories soon? Mostly I am interested in the filter discs, rotary evaporator, and the patent pending solvent recirculation filtration system.

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