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TE3000 Channel Filter

TE3000 Channel Filter
TE3000 Channel Filter
Product Code: TECF3000
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TE3000 Channel Filter

Function: Allows for the proper use of a filter medium while Extracted Volatile Compounds are still mixed with the Volatile Solvent Butane.

Purpose: Prevents the need to add less volatile solvents post extraction to dilute your extract to run through Activated Charcoal. Essentially allowing a completely different minor extraction removal cleaning process to be performed safer and simultaneously during the major extraction collection phase.

Tamisium Extractors Inc is very excited to bring you a product that will revolutionize the volatile oil extraction world. There is a exciting field of extracting using one of the many types of Activated Charcoal.
There are almost 100 different types of Activated Charcoal currently in production. Each of these AC products has a unique ability to selectively filter out different compounds. Researching and discovering which one is right for your application can save thousands and eliminate countless hours of labor during the refining stage by reducing and even eliminating other more costly time consuming refinement cleaning processes.

Normally AC filtering is performed after the compounds have been extracted from the plant matter but with this new Inline Channel Filter you can do this inline during the extraction phase. 
Also until now AC filtering is done in a open column using a solvent that does not boil at room temperature.

In other words you cannot use butane to dilute your extract to run it through a open to air column of AC because butane is boiling well below room temp and pressures. This means you have to dilute your volatile compounds in a less volatile solvent after recovering the butane solvent used to extract them. If you do this you would lose some or all of the volatile compounds when you evaporate those new added solvents away. 
With this Inline Channel Filter you are no longer required to take a extracted volatile compound and dilute with a less volatile solvent because using this new inline channel filter allows you to perform this operation while in the closed extraction phase while your extract is still diluted with butane.

Activated Charcoal requires a long contact time which until now prevented you from performing this inline operation without using a whole separate recirculating extraction apparatus. To build a separate closed system stainless steel food grade AC extractor would be very costly and require a totally new setup and process which would also be time consuming. This repeatable process and cost adds up and adds more risk during the processing.

I have developed a patent pending apparatus and process that places a channel filter inline between column and extractor tank. This channel filter is a very low profile filter that guides the extract through a very long channel that greatly extends the contact time and distance that the diluted extract travels through the Activated Charcoal before exiting the filter.

Total distance travelled through a .75" channel of AC using this apparatus is 8.5 feet on the TE3000 channel filter and nearly twice that length on the TE12000 channel filter.
Total vertical travel is reduced to a 2" span of height. Normally you would run your diluted extract through a 12" long column up to 8 times to get the desired filter effect. Now you can run it one single time, inline, hands free, for a greater time and length, with no added time to the process AND you can do it safely in a closed extractor.
This makes Extracting using AC SAFER, FASTER and MORE ECONOMICAL

Removal cleaning and replacing the AC in the filter is quick and easy.

As always the Inline Channel Filter is built of food quality stainless steel components and finishes that reduce cleaning and time while saving money.

QUESTION: Can you use the Wafer Valve with the Channel Filter?

The optional Channel Filter is placed on the Extractor Tank prior to placing the Wafer Valve on if you elect to use both. The Column is then placed on top of this stacked configuration and bolted on top. Total added height of column with both accessories is under 2”

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